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Concierge Service

Intermark provides an Exclusive Concierge Service of the utmost value to our clients, and ensures that their needs are met, no matter how big or small. This includes the arrangement of accommodation, transport, entertainment, sightseeing, shopping, restaurants and everything else in between – the list is limited only by your imagination and desire. This is all managed by our experienced team. We concentrate on our clients’ wishes and we understand the need to ensure that our clients feel comfortable and at home. This is why members of Intermark Concierge Service are provided with high quality service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How can we help

1. Search for online providers and services

  • We help to sel ect stores at your request (bookstores, lens stores, online sports stores for ordering equipment to rent, etc.). We will make a selection of several options with a brief description of the characteristics to choose fr om;
  • We check with the suppliers, clarify any nuances, find out about, operating hours dates and methods of delivery, addresses, methods of ordering / payment, etc.;
  • Internet providers - assistance in finding someone who provides services to your address - clarifying any conditions, tariffs, drawing up instructions and translating them, organizing visits from technical specialists and assistance with translation during visits.

2. Coordination of online orders

  • selection of the required product / selection of a replacement in the event that the item is not available;
  • clarifications on the order and coordination with clients;
  • collection of data for ordering (passport data, contact, full name, delivery address, desired days and time of delivery);
  • ordering;
  • tracking of delivery before delivery to the client;
  • communication with couriers.

3. Communication with courier services

If you made the order yourself, then we will be happy to make sure that you receive it without any problems and on time.

  • we contact the delivery company to clarify or resolve issues on delivery errors / undelivered goods / courier delay / refunds / repeat orders / order clarifications and the like;
  • we communicate with couriers before the delivery of the order and in the process;
  • assistance with translation upon delivery;
  • ordering passes for couriers / delivery vehicles.

If you need a personal package with a specific service, or if you want to receive only some of the listed facilities, please contact us.

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