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Employment and Work permit

According to the Russian Constitutional Law foreign citizens have the same right to work in Russia as native residents of Russia. However, employers are obliged to observe numerous formal requirements imposed by The Russian legislation.

Work permit is an obligatory requirement to perform work activity in Russia. The process of issuance of work permit includes 3 stages (provided that the company has an approved quota for engaging foreign workers and a job position to be occupied by a foreign national is a quota exempt one):

  •  Informing of the Employment Center on a vacant job position in the company.
  • Issuance of the Employment permission providing the company with the legal right to hire foreign employee.
  • Issuance of the Work Permit (plastic card) – official proof of the legal right of the foreign employee to work in Russia.

The term of issuance of the work permit is 3 months since the date of submission of the documents.
The term of validity of Employment permission and Work permit is one year.

The process can slightly vary depending on the legal form of the business.

Visa Support

According to the Russian legislation, any foreign national is required to have a visa in order to enter Russia. A limited number of countries have a bilateral agreement with Russia for visa-free travel. Whereas most of the countries require an entry visa.

There are several types of entry visas: work visa, business visa, humanitarian visa, tourist visa, private (guest) visa, educational visa, commercial visa, transit visa, official visa (for diplomats, politicians, journalists).

Mostly demanded visas for business travelers are:

  • business visa
  • work visa

Business visa

A business visa is issued to a foreign national who arrives in Russia for business purposes. It can be valid for single or double entries for the term of 1 or 3 months and for multiple entries for the term of 6 or 12 months.

One can stay in Russia under a business visa for up to 90 days within every 180 day period. A business visa is issued on the basis of an invitation letter from a company in Russia. One can apply for a business visa in a country of citizenship or a country of permanent residence.

Work visa

A work visa is issued to a foreign citizen arriving to the Russian Federation for work on the basis of the invitation from the employing organization and entitles a foreign national to enter Russia to work.

Please note that a work visa is issued only after the work permit is in place.

This visa is issued in two consecutive stages: first: by the diplomatic mission or consulate office of The Russian Federation for the term up to 3 months with the following prolongation. Then, a single-entry visa is converted into a multi-entry work visa for the period of the labor contract. The contract should be concluded in accordance with the laws of The Russian Federation and on the basis of the work permit, but not more than for a one-year term.

The process can slightly vary depending on the country in question and the legal form of the business.

Migration registration with state authorities

In accordance with the Russian legislation foreign nationals are required to be registered at the place of stay in Russia within 7 business days after crossing the Russian border. Registration should be performed by a host party via post office, multi-functional centers of public and municipal services or directly at the local migration authority.

Violation of the legal requirement to register involves strict measures of responsibility and imposed penalties; the most severe penalty is deportation of the foreign national from Russia with the following ban from entering Russia within 5 years.

Support for family members

Immigration support to the family members of the foreign employee requires a careful assessment of each particular case. Russian legislation requires a comprehensive list of the official documents, proving the relationship with the foreign citizen who works in Russia. Furthermore, age and citizenship play a vital role in the process.

Document legalization

Legalization is an integral part of the relocation process for employees and their families. In order for personal documents to be accepted in the country of destination, they must go through a chain of verifications (authentication) by one or more government authorities in the country of origin and in the country of destination.

Our solutions:

  • Turnkey legalization on behalf of the client, without his personal presence.
  • Seamless delivery of documents (including originals) to Russia via Intermark Kazakhstan.
  • Optimal timing, no delays.
  • Execution of legalizations in any country and for any country of destination.
  • Initial consultation on the process - free of charge!

Consultancy on immigration/visa queries

Consultation by visa and immigration experts, including answering the most non-standard queries.

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