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Kazakhstan is a favorable geography for business expansion, and a number of companies looking for more spacious offices keeps growing every year. Intermark can help you not only with the employee relocation, but also with moving of your office furniture and appliances.

How we can help?

  • Fill in the terms of reference (TOR): what is planned, the address and timing of packaging and delivery, and other important details, and our moving specialist come to your company's office to inspect the furniture and equipment planned for transportation.
  • We will prepare and coordinate the relocation schedule according to the TOR and the requirements of the business center.
  • We will help you to draw up a plan for the arrangement of furniture and appliances in a new room.
  • We coordinate special requirements for fragile items.
  • We perform the actual packing, transportation and unpacking of office items as well as arrange the furniture according to the plan.
  • We can store your office items in our own warm and secure warehouse in Almaty if you expect a time interval before moving in a new office space.

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